Seed Collection Storage

Seed Collection Storage

I know you won’t be able to completely replicate the conditions of the Svalbard Global seed vault to store your seed collection, but its a good place to get inspiration!

Svalbard’s vault benefits from permafrost, being high up in the arctic circle, as well as thick rock walls to protect the seeds from the harsh winter elements. It is elevated above sea level should the sea rise drastically, so there is no chance of the seeds getting wet. The relative humidity is also quite low, due to all water freezing quite rapidly!

So how can you reproduce all of these benefits at home? Well, we don’t recommend freezing your seeds straight away, as if there is any moisture in the seeds before freezing, it will expand and damage the seed. So they will need to be well dried and placed in an air tight container before you freeze them.

The container will stop condensation forming on the seeds as you use your freezer as normal, and will also help if and when you take the seeds out of storage as the will allow the seeds to warm up to room temperature without getting damp.

Another thing to watch out for is the amount of light the seeds are exposed to. It needs to be kept to a minimum during storage as light does tend to aid deterioration.

I hope this helps your collection grow!

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