Well Done Wales!

Well Done Wales!

Eighty-two year-old Newport West MP Paul Flynn has won the first battle in the war for legalising the use of cannabis in the UK.

Well done Wales! It really is a monumental hurdle you’ve just jumped over and I hope it will gain momentum. The UK does not want to be left behind. A quick google search will tell you the massive gains states like Colorado have had since they made the right decision. But to list a few, they have taken 1/2 billion dollars in taxes and revenues which has largely been funnelled into the education system. Teen drug and alcohol use has dropped. Its created a whole industry, which has boosted other elements of the economy. It has attracted a different kind of tourism!

Just think what legalisation and regulation can do here. Ease the police, and no doubt Friday and Saturday A&E wards! Boost the NHS (if its not completely privatised by then) and school systems financially. Just those benefits, off the top of my head, are surely enough reason alone? Its already happening anyway, so why not make it easier for those that really need it to get hold of it, and why not the country as a whole benefit from the sale?

It just doesn’t make sense to me.

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